In case you were WONdering...

What is a “day won”?

We believe that a “day won” is any day in which you did something for yourself that makes you feel like the fiercest, strongest, best version of you. Go for a run, meditate, sweat, finish reading that book, play with your kids, and on and on and on. Do anything your heart desires.

We want you to remember to take time for YOU and own the day.

Be your best and that is a DAY WON!

Do I have to do high performance workouts in these clothes?

Absolutely not!  

DAY/WON is designed to withstand all of the sweat-pumping, crazy workouts you can dream up, but it’s also made for you to feel great in for any where else your day takes you. You don’t have to be a warrior posing, kick boxing pro. Girl, you could be just watching Netflix in this gear. That is all good! Do you, be you, wear DAY/WON.

What's the story behind the prints?

Love that you are curious! Each print was made by hand by Candice Huffine and digitized by Ziel. The stars were each drawn, perfectly imperfect, in a hotel room in LA while Candice was on the road for work. The marble was made in her Brooklyn apartment by water coloring a piece of paper. With Ziels technology and ability to print directly onto the fabrics, we were able to upload these patterns, expand and repeat the scale to cover the garments, making them truly, one of a kind.

How can I be a part of the DAY/WON community?

Tag us on Instagram @yourdaywon. You can also use the hashtag #howwasyourdaywon to challenge your friends and remind them to do something that makes them feel amazing today.

YOU are a vital part of this community, so please share everything with us!

Where is the product made?

We have proudly partnered with US based manufacturer Ziel, who is committed to producing and sourcing fabrics locally to keep our environmental impact on Mother Earth as minimal as possible.

Each order is made just for you which means no waste and excess production and saves hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours of energy each year.

Consider it a Day Won by choosing

What materials are used to make my gear?

This is the cool part!

We are proud to share that most of our fabrics are made from recycled material with a mission to get to 100% over time. Prints and logos are done digitally to completely eliminate the dyeing process, avoiding waste and water pollution!  In traditional manufacturing it takes 2,700 liters to make just one tee shirt.  Yikes. Not with our technology!  We strive to be a part of the solution and support fully sustainable practices, because we care about the planet and all the people on it.

What is moisture wicking and antimicrobial?

Microbials are bacteria, fungi and all that gross stuff that makes your clothes smelly. We kicked their butt by using ANTI-microbial fabrics that prevent the odor from building up. Think of moisture wicking technology as your sweat catcher. Aren’t you glad we used these fabrics? ;)

How can I care for my stuff to keep it so fresh and so clean, clean?

A good old machine wash will do the trick, just stay away from bleach and the dryer please! 

How does the DAY/WON product fit?

The collection is true to size, but even when armed with that information we know shopping online can still be tricky. Our team is here to help you figure it out.

Reach out to hello@day­ with any questions!

You can also head over to our Size Chart for more specific measurement guidelines.

What are the shipping details?

Our products are made to order especially for you. This allows us to be socially conscious of our environmental footprint. Our team produces each order from scratch and ships to you via USPS within 10 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

The answer is….YES!

International orders have an additional postage charge of $15.00 per order and will ship via USPS.

What is your return and exchange policy?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase, but if you do need to return an item, please note that they must be returned in the condition that they were received—NOT WORN, ALTERED, WASHED or DAMAGED.

If these conditions above are met you can return the merchandise within 30 days from the day of purchased for a full refund or exchange.

How do I start a return or exchange?

To start a return or exchange, send us an email to Let us know which items you would like to return/exchange and we’ll send you a return label.